About Roy Rijkhoff

Roy worked in the corporate world in commerce, finance and management for 20 years. During that time he focused a lot on personal development and grew his passion for the martial art of Aikido. His sharp observation skills in the field of non-verbal communication combined with his ability to help people transform through physical work, make Roy an excellent coach. Drawing from his extensive experience in the workplace and dojo he grounds people on a physical level, so they experience the basis and foundation, they need to do their work.

His approach is no-nonsense, direct, enthusiastic and compassionate. During his training he gives and builds on trust, simplicity, cooperation and teamwork. Roy has his own dojo and caters the business world.

Roy is passionate about freeing dreams; talents and goals of people through enlightening the spark of desire in them. He encourages differences between people and makes them work together to create alternatives that will benefit everyone.